I have measured out my life with
coffee spoons.

— T.S. Elliot

Since 1918, there has been only one signature brand renowned for its quality in Bologna: Attibassi.

A passion for the aroma of coffee, a love of the full-bodied and rich taste of the best Arabica and Robusta coffee varieties, and the relentless search for quality beans are the distinguishing features of Attibassi. Premium coffee blends are the cornerstone of a company that has remained true to its founding principle, i.e. excellence, despite adapting its development and production processes to the latest technologies.

Attibassi has been part of the Coind Group since 1993 and its plants were relocated to Castelmaggiore, in the province of Bologna. The company’s attention has remained focused on high-quality blends, but the range of target customers has been expanded, so as to attract an increasing number of people thanks to the unmistakable aroma of Attibassi coffee.

Coffee bean blends, ground coffee, ESE pods and compatible capsules of the finest quality are now available for anyone who wants to become a distributor of Attibassi coffee and set up a profitable business that will certainly have an impact on the market. The passion for the premium blends offered by the brand is also strongly shared by our dealers, who, with their expertise and diligence, can recommend the best blend to each retailer. Each country has a preferred taste, and Attibassi has developed various compositions for its own blends, adapting to each market accordingly.

In addition, our dealers and distributors have suggested a new formula, which is ideal for bringing Attibassi coffee directly to consumers. In fact, in recent years, the company has undertaken a process that allows the opening of franchise and licensed coffee shops, offering all its experience to baristas and entrepreneurs as well as ideas, materials and a team of professionals.

For those who have always been intrigued by the idea of setting up a business that is something more than just a bar, opening a café is a real business opportunity to welcome customers and offer them an immersive all-around experience, which is not limited to drinking a quick espresso, but is also an opportunity for a relaxing break.