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Are you interested in Attibassi Bologna coffee?

Are you fascinated by the brand and the history and quality of its products?

You could become an Attibassi coffee distributor in your country, a great business opportunity for those who want to sell high-quality Italian coffee.

Being a coffee distributor for this Brand means embracing its high-quality products and presenting them to customers in the best possible way: our distributors must be able to sell not only Attibassi branded coffee, blends, pods and capsules, but also to convey the spirit of this historic Bologna-based company, based on passion, experience and care.

Knowledge of the “world of coffee” is required and, in particular, you will need to be trained in all the stages of production of this beverage, throughout the long process from the bean to the cup.

Attibassi’s training courses help future coffee distributors to acquire all the knowledge and skills they need to promote the brand worldwide.

The skills taught will be the following:

Types of coffee
You must know the two qualities sold by Attibassi, Arabica and Robusta, and their sensorial characteristics.

The origin of coffee
You need to know the countries from which coffee is imported, their history, production and plantations.  In particular, about Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, India and Ethiopia for Arabica, India and Africa for Robusta.

Harvesting techniques
You need to know the difference between the two most commonly used harvesting techniques, picking and stripping, and how these methods affect the taste and flavour of coffee.

You need to know about the various types of roasting methods and which are best suited to each type of coffee.

You need to be able to identify the most suitable grinding methods depending on the intended use (coffee pods, capsules, ground coffee)

You need to know the dosage required for each type of coffee in order to create excellent blends.