In the coffee industry, franchising is one of the many solutions that can help you make the turning point of a lifetime. Opening a café is not at all simple, and having to choose between a coffee shop or a coffee franchise can be confusing to those with less experience.

In fact, it is well known that baristas have to make important decisions in their career, and not all of them are linked to the world of beverages. Naturally, cocktails and coffees are the core of this business, and therefore need to be delicious, but there are many other problems to be tackled and issues to be addressed. As a matter of fact, any barista or entrepreneur who decides to take on this challenge, will be faced with critical issues, such as:

●     Finding a property suitable for your business.

●     Carefully choosing and furnishing your future café or coffee shop in a style that conveys the desired atmosphere.

●     Finding new recipes, tried and tested and with guaranteed success, to offer beverages that will encourage customers to return to your establishment and savour the unique specialities that you serve.

●     Purchasing cutting-edge machinery and equipment, which are essential to consistently achieve excellent coffee.

All these challenges can seem truly insurmountable for those who decide to embark on this business venture, which is why being able to rely on the support of experts and specialists in the field can help overcome many obstacles.

In order to assist those who take this step, Attibassi has decided to offer licensing, a solution designed to address the many questions posed by entrepreneurs who, with perseverance and patience, intend to set up their own business.

What are the differences between licensing and franchising?

Although the coffee franchise is certainly the best-known and most popular formula, opening a café or coffee shop in this way involves accepting limitations and the obligation to pay royalties that do not always seem proportionate to the franchisor’s commitment.

While this business model appears to be more static and binding, the licensing scheme offered by Attibassi allows entrepreneurs to apply a faster and more streamlined model, especially designed for those who believe that binding franchise agreements limit their business activities.

The company designed this formula as a ready-to-use solution for all investors or entrepreneurs who want to get into the coffee business, thus becoming a benchmark for those who love traditional Italian espresso.

In fact, licensing offers benefits to all players involved in this business:

●     The entrepreneur, who has the opportunity to obtain a turnkey, ready-to-use solution.

●     The tenant of the property, who can rely on rent being paid, thanks to a reliable, long-term business format that ensures high profitability.

●     The barista, who is provided with the finest equipment and the best recipes studied by Attibassi in order to offer a wide range of quality coffees that consumers can taste, served by trained, competent staff.

As you can see, opening a café with Attibassi offers advantages not only to the owners of the business but also to all of the company’s stakeholders.

Franchise cafés and coffee shops: support from Attibassi

As explained above, Attibassi will closely monitor the entire process, which is aimed at setting up an establishment with a special and characteristic atmosphere: a place that is not only ideal for a quick stop to drink a great espresso but also designed for those who like to stay and spend some time enjoying the barista’s specialities. This is the distinctive and unique aspect of coffee shops. With their typical layout and furnishing, customers can be offered a totally relaxing break, and much more.

How many of those who rely on their computer for work could say that they do not fancy stopping at a coffee shop to finish off an analysis or a document while sipping a good espresso, in a welcoming and friendly establishment, perhaps while comfortably sitting on a sofa or an armchair skilfully selected by an experienced decorator?

This is exactly what Attibassi’s team of architects and designers aims to achieve in order to meet customers’ tastes, also adapting the premises to suit the local area and the target market.

Whether you have a small establishment on the corner, a large coffee shop or a coffee franchise, you must be able to offer your guests the most appropriate experience.

Think about it: how many times do we go to a pub because we prefer a certain type of furniture or environment, even if the choice of food is the same as all the other places in the city? Subtle details determine the success of a place that is perceived as exclusive.

In addition to stylish and elegant furnishings, it is essential to offer quality snacks and drinks. Attibassi also offers assistance in this field, providing baristas with a number of benefits to ensure that they always offer excellent products.

For example, Attibassi provides the necessary tools so that those who plan to open a café will find it easier to work thanks to sophisticated equipment.

In fact, the company has entered into agreements with several suppliers so that it can provide the best coffee grinders, espresso machines and equipment in order to make quality espresso coffees.

Without quality equipment, it would be impossible to offer a great espresso even by using the best blends, since extraction would be compromised. Moreover, even with the best equipment available, it would be impossible to make great coffee if the coffee beans supplied are of poor quality. For those who want to open a coffee shop franchise, Attibassi offers access to the entire range of premium blends designed by the company. Customised blends can also be created to make establishments stand out from the rest as far possible.

With their manual skills, baristas get the work done and obtain the best results from both of the above-mentioned aspects. For those who need to provide refreshments for customers while offering them an unforgettable experience, Attibassi has set up and opened an exclusive academy: the Attibassi Espresso School, specifically designed to teach recipes and tips to those who will be using coffee machines in their workplace. The school will provide adequate training focused on making beverages: from “simple” espresso to complex and exotic options to meet all the requirements of your future customers.

Training your baristas with a one-day or multi-day course is the most sensible way to set up your new business under the best possible conditions, so you can start off on the right foot.

Are you not able to organise a trip to Bologna? Do you or your baristas need a refresher course? The school can come to your premises to provide training tailored to the needs of your establishment, or you can also attend the online courses offered by the Attibassi Espresso School.

Do you just need to brush up a bit? The Baristas training video is available for everyone on Youtube and on the dedicated section of the Attibassi website.

Launching an establishment is another critical step. Not everyone has time to study marketing basics, since they must serve litres upon litres of cappuccino for breakfast, or make hundreds of espressos throughout the day. At the same time, not all owners are able to keep up with blogs and information channels on this topic, as they have many other issues to deal with.

Therefore, Attibassi has decided to offer assistance to those who decide to open a café by making available a group of marketing experts, who can provide entrepreneurs and employees with useful advice and effective support aimed at increasing the visibility of their establishment. Is this meant to attract new customers? Yes, but not only. An establishment that focuses also on this aspect can offer its customers “something extra” that will make them want to return. From occasional patrons to regular customers, this is the way forward.

The big day has arrived. The recipes have been prepared and mastered and the establishment has been carefully designed: all you need to do now is open its doors and let in curious coffee lovers so that, from then on, it can become their new home.