Espresso Italiano

A passion for coffee: Attibassi

A harmonious coffee, with an intense aroma and a full and balanced taste, topped with a thick hazelnut cream, in which sugar sinks slowly: this is what the Attibassi Espresso Italiano blends have to offer.

Each Attibassi blend is the result of an exclusive recipe, achieved after years of experimenting to obtain the perfect product. Expert roasting ensured through cutting-edge production, electronically monitored throughout the entire process, enhances the natural properties of the coffee varieties used.

This, in short, is Attibassi’s corporate mission: to be appreciated for the genuine quality of its products and for producing excellent coffee that meets the needs of those who run a café or an establishment and of coffee suppliers, as well as the needs of their customers.

Attibassi Bologna: history

Attibassi is passion, perseverance and craftsmanship, and its history proves this. To look back at the ups and downs of the brand, we have to go all the way back to 1918, in the capital city of Emilia-Romagna. That is, in Bologna, which later became the beating heart of a thriving food valley, renowned worldwide for the quality of its products.

It is no coincidence that Attibassi originated in an area destined to become famous for its culinary excellence.

The Bologna-based brand was initially founded as an artisan workshop, and its main products were chocolate, biscuits and sweets. Founders Agostino Atti, a confectioner and entrepreneur, and Marco Bassi, an emigrant who had recently returned from Argentina after saving a good amount of money, contributed to its creation. Despite the company’s humble beginnings, it was destined for great things.

In 1925, the laboratory had already turned into a regular company while maintaining an artisan approach: it had about 20 employees and, in the meantime, it had begun to specialise in cocoa and chocolate processing.

Over the years, the brand became more and more famous and its products well known among consumers: traditional chocolates, sweets and jams, offering delicious breakfasts to the inhabitants of the city of Bologna.

From then on, the brand continued its expansion and since then it has never stopped growing: in Bologna, during the post-war period, Attibassi’s products caught the attention of the most demanding customers, and the company developed in size and stature to become a modern industry, combining tradition with the latest technologies.

Today, Attibassi is part of the Coind Group – located in Castelmaggiore in the province of Bologna – one of the largest roasting companies in Italy. Coop Industria (Coind) acquired the company in 1993, even though at that time the brand was still owned by Attibassi, with Coind dealing exclusively with sales management.

In 2002 Attibassi began to produce high quality coffee and in 2010 the brand sold one of its branches to Coind, making the latter the effective owner of the Attibassi brand.

Initially, their products included both chocolate and coffee: since 2015, production has focused exclusively on coffee.

Attibassi: coffee designed for coffee suppliers

At present, Attibassi is the branch of Coind in charge of exporting the artisanal quality and passion for authentic Italian espresso coffee worldwide.

It also represents the gourmet branch of the Group by offering its customers, which include cafés and coffee dealers, a smaller range of products compared to the other brands of Coind, as it consists exclusively of selected items.

Attibassi’s range of products currently includes three types of coffee bean blends, five types of capsules, two types of ground coffee and two types of pods.

The coffees and blends used are carefully selected and come from areas recognised for the quality of their products. Arabica coffee beans come from Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, India and Ethiopia. Robusta coffee beans, instead, are imported from India and Africa.

Today, Attibassi’s passion for coffee involves a combination of two distribution methods, both of which are intended to promote the brand’s selected products:

  • Distribution through coffee dealerships/dealers
  • Distribution through coffee shop franchises.

Attibassi and its network of coffee distributors

As far as distribution is concerned, the company is glad to provide support and assistance to anyone who intends to distribute coffee under the Attibassi brand in their own country by setting up a coffee distribution business.

On the one hand, Attibassi thus promotes the company name and brand worldwide, becoming known for its range of quality products. On the other hand, the company offers an attractive business opportunity to anyone who intends to market and resell high-quality coffee blends.

Being an Attibassi distributor means to be the “bearer” of its spirit, history and craftsmanship: for Attibassi, the ideal coffee dealer is one that is able to convey the values of this historic Bologna-based company that is all about passion for coffee.

An Attibassi distributor also needs to have sound knowledge of the world of coffee and to be able to convey it to customers, solidifying its business and ensuring its success.

In order to achieve this, the company organises educational courses aimed at training both distributors and baristas on everything there is to know about coffee: history, plantations, types of coffee, harvesting techniques, selection and processing, and even roasting techniques and packaging.

All this knowledge allows the distributor to develop skills and further solidify the distribution business while making Attibassi increasingly well known.

Attibassi and the Franchising network: opening a coffee shop

Another way of promoting its products worldwide is through franchise coffee shops, a programme designed by Attibassi for baristas, with the aim to support them on several levels in opening a coffee shop or similar establishment.

This idea came about after a foreign investor showed interest in the brand and suggested opening an Attibassi branded coffee shop abroad.

Attibassi currently offers licensing, i.e. a more streamlined and faster process than the one required for an ordinary franchise, which tends to limit entrepreneurial activity: it is a ready-to-use formula for investors and entrepreneurs who want to enter the thriving coffee business.

The advantages of Attibassi licensing are interesting for all those who operate under this model: the entrepreneur who obtains an immediately functional solution, the tenant of the establishment who can rely on monthly fees being paid, and the barista who can rely on the best equipment provided by Attibassi and on the best courses held at the Espresso School in order to learn all the skills and techniques of the craft and offer them at the café.

Opening an Attibassi coffee shop involves not only offering quality coffee to customers, but also offering a good all-round coffee experience.

The programme is active in Italy and abroad and aims to export coffee culture worldwide. Attibassi currently has about 30 Attibassi coffee shops worldwide in the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Kenya.

Espresso School and the baristas training video

The Attibassi Espresso School is the training school for baristas covering all aspects of the world of coffee: it provides ideal support for all those who want to open a café or an establishment.

The Espresso School has been running for about 10 years and consists of proper educational courses on how to make coffee or cappuccino, how to make special coffees and milk patterns, as well as training baristas on professional coffee machine maintenance, perfect coffee grinding and dispensing times.

All this is supplemented by in-depth lessons on coffee history, plantations, production countries, and so on.

The courses are held by professional baristas at Attibassi’s premises. The Espresso School aims to provide training, lasting two or three days, also on the basics of marketing to assist you in opening a coffee shop with a sound marketing plan that will help your business in the long term.

Other Attibassi projects: “Casa Attibassi”

One of Attibassi’s latest projects, launched in 2017, is “Casa Attibassi”: a range of premium products that complement the coffee line, designed especially for foreign countries, which are also present in Italy in high-end gourmet food stores.

The range currently includes oil, vinegar and three types of pasta.

Casa Attibassi demonstrates the brand’s great versatility and its desire to promote  “Made in Italy” products abroad.