Since 1918 Attibassi is synonymous of high quality, passed down from one generation to another, for 100 total years of experience.

Nowadays this historic company based in Bologna offers, through its range of gourmet products, only highly selected coffee from plantations in Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Guatemala and Colombia, which undergoes sophisticated processing.

The Attibassi brand, arising from the passion for craftsmanship of Agostino Atti and Marco Bassi, guarantees quality and pleasure for the palate in all its products by selecting the best raw materials and using cutting-edge processing techniques. The entire production is based on an essential combination of human experience and modern industrial processes.

Thanks to this combination, together with determination and accurate processing, the brand currently sells its coffee to cafés, coffee shops and authorised stores. It is acknowledged worldwide thanks to its network of coffee suppliers, distributors and dealers, and to exporting its café model, i.e. “Attibassi Coffee”, which offers a faster and more streamlined process than traditional franchises.

Attibassi’s products cover all the business areas of roasted coffee, with blends characterised by an exclusive composition and specific roasting that enhances the natural properties of the varieties used.

Attibassi currently produces and sells its products to cafés and coffee dealers:

  • Coffee beans
  • Ground coffee
  • Coffee pods
  • Compatible capsules

Coffee bean blends

The Attibassi coffee range comprises bean blends, which can be sold to cafés and coffee retailers in four different versions.

The bean blends, obtained thanks to skilful roasting and blending of coffee beans, are testament to Attibassi’s long-standing experience and craftsmanship in all forms of coffee making.

In the case of bean blends, roasting is the most crucial phase in order to ensure evenly browned and roasted beans.

The temperature in the roasting chambers is constantly monitored following the injection of hot air. In addition, all the beans are individually checked to make sure that they all have the same degree of roasting. This is important in order to ensure that the coffee, which is then ground by the consumer or customer depending on the use, will be nice and smooth on the palate, avoiding uneven roasting.

The drying phase, which follows roasting, is also important because the coffee, both ground and in the form of beans, is very sensitive to moisture: if it is absorbed by coffee in large quantities, it will have an impact on the taste and flavour of the coffee. Attibassi carries out the coffee drying phase in such a way as to prevent moisture from “sticking” to the beans, thereby affecting their flavour.

After roasting and drying, blending takes place, which is what makes Attibassi’s products unique and recognisable. Packed in an elegant charcoal black bag, the company offers three types of blends that are carefully selected and hermetically sealed, so that the taste and fragrance remain intact.

1) Sublime 100% Arabica: this blend combines delicate sweet and fragrant notes with the flavour of spices and cocoa. The resulting taste is full and aromatic.

2) Special Oro is a balanced blend with the predominant presence of Arabica beans (Brazil, Central America and Ethiopia) and light notes of Robusta beans.

3) Miscela 1918 is the blend inspired by the typical taste of Italian espresso. The great roundness and wonderful aroma are ensured by the mix of Arabica and Robusta beans.

4) Gran Deca blend is conceived for people who prefer to avoid caffeine but have no intention of renouncing the taste of quality coffee.

Attibassi Espresso Italiano ground coffee

Attibassi’s range of products designed for cafés and authorised stores includes three ground coffee blends, characterised by the company’s signature quality.

Before being ground, Attibassi’s coffee beans are checked at two different stages: tasting, which is performed by a panel of experts who make an accurate selection, and roasting, carried out through a monitored process in which the beans – already blended – are roasted, releasing their unique aroma.

Grinding is a very delicate phase and is of primary importance for ground blends. This is done by means of rollers, which allow coffee to be pulverised optimally: attention is paid to particle size, which must comply with certain parameters so that the coffee is suitable for different uses (coffee pods or ground coffee packs).

Attibassi’s ground coffee packs, which can be purchased from all authorised stores and coffee retailers, are available in a convenient 250g size, in tins or in the typical aluminium bag.

  • Espresso Italiano Colombia is available in an elegant charcoal black metal tin, with an exclusive 100% Arabica blend, weighing 250g.
  • Espresso Italiano Miscela 1918 is available in a classic vacuum pack, the traditional 250g coffee pack.
  • Espresso Italiano Miscela 1918 Filter Coffee is designed to meet the needs of those who love traditional American filter coffee, with a light body and mild acidity.

Attibassi ESE coffee pods

Attibassi’s ESE coffee pods allow you to extract a perfect espresso within minutes. Each pod is individually packed and hermetically sealed in a protective atmosphere to ensure that the properties of the ground coffee within are maintained over time.

ESE pods are the most common pod format: the acronym stands for Easy Serving Espresso and, with their 44mm diameter, they can be used in almost all capsule coffee machines. In fact, ESE pods are a fairly common and do not require a particular coffee pod machine in order to be used.

Attibassi pods consist of two thin layers of paper-filter (similar to that of tea bags), in which seven grams of ground coffee are pressed and hermetically sealed. With this type of packaging, boiling water passes quickly through the ground coffee in the pod, which can then flow into a cup in the form of coffee.

Attibassi’s coffee Pods are available in single serve coffee solutions: a coffee that is the result of a perfect balance between selected Robusta and Arabica beans, in the pack of 150 pods, individually packed.

Compatible Capsules

Attibassi’s compatible capsules feature a special design, with a “click” opening on the bottom, made entirely of propylene, a material that ensures proper preservation of the ground coffee inside, or in aluminium. Each capsule contains five grams of ground coffee from Attibassi’s blends.

Attibassi’s capsules are fully compatible with Nespresso® capsule machines, thus allowing those who own these machines to also use Attibassi’s exclusive blends. The fact that high pressure is required for the capsule to “break” when water passes through guarantees that the coffee is well-preserved and ensures optimal performance of the capsule.

By sealing the capsule, coffee is properly stored and its quality will not change even months after production.

The Attibassi compatible capsules that are currently available on the market all come in convenient boxes with 10 capsules each:

1) In the plastic capsule: Intenso, Classico, Arabica, Gran Deca blend;

2) In the aluminium capsule: Forte, Eccelso, Classico, Colombia blend.