Compatible capsules

Compatible coffee capsules have now become part of our everyday life: both at home and in the office, more and more often we tend to associate a restorative break with drinking a good cup of coffee made with a capsule coffee machine, in the reassuring and warm atmosphere of our home or in the places we hold most dear.

Today, the large amount of coffee capsules sold is due to the high quality of the blends, such as those produced by Attibassi, to the extent that coffee made with capsules is as good as coffee served in cafés, or even better, providing taste, aroma and body at all times of the day.

There are three advantages for those who drink capsule coffee:

–       An espresso that tastes as good as the one served in cafés

–       Capsule coffee is cheaper than a cup of coffee in a café

–       Speed of execution: all you need to do is place the capsule in the coffee machine, press a button and your coffee is ready within seconds.

At the plants of its parent company Coind, Attibassi produces compatible coffee capsules that complement the range of gourmet products that the company has designed especially for cafés, establishments and coffee shops and for its coffee capsule retailers worldwide.

Attibassi: selling compatible coffee capsules to cafés and coffee shops

Thanks to its many years of experience, the company has created unique and unmistakable blends, available in the most widely used forms: coffee beans, ground coffee, pods or capsules.

As regards capsules, Attibassi has developed the special design of a compatible propylene capsule, with a special patented “click” opening on the bottom, which allows the blend inside it to be preserved in the best possible way.

Attibassi capsules offer many advantages, for various reasons. First of all, they are fully compatible with Nespresso coffee machines and with those that are most commonly used worldwide: this allows the owners of these coffee machines to use Attibassi capsules at any time, without experiencing any problems since they perfectly “adhere” to the machine mechanisms.

Moreover, the high pressure required to open the bottom with a “click” opening of the capsules guarantees their excellent performance: in this way, all the taste of coffee is extracted and transferred into a cup, every time the machine is used. The subsequent dispensing proceeds smoothly, since each capsule has been designed with state-of-the-art technology.

The Attibassi capsules also ensure there are no complications when using Nespresso machines: the capsules are opened by boiling water at high pressure, which forces the bottom of the capsule to open. In this way, coffee “percolates” and then passes through a filtering mass (the coffee blend) and, above all, the capsule does not come into contact with the perforating needles of the machine.

As far as storage is concerned, it is guaranteed by adequate sealing of the capsule and by the “barrier” function created by the propylene layer: both ensure the release of genuine espresso coffee, thanks to optimal preservation of the coffee.

In fact, the click you can hear during coffee dispensing allows you to understand that the blend contained inside the capsule has been preserved appropriately, has not undergone any qualitative changes and has maintained its aroma and taste, which can be perceived in the freshly made coffee. The capsule can be consumed up to four weeks after opening the pack.

Types of Attibassi Compatible Capsules

Attibassi has designed a line of compatible capsules for cafés and coffee shops in order to meet the most diverse requirements, depending on your preferred coffee taste. Above all, the blends designed by the company guarantee a high level of quality, for a flavourful coffee with every sip.

In order to achieve this, Attibassi pays great attention to production processes, from the moment the beans are selected in the production countries. The company selects only the best Arabica and Robusta coffee beans to obtain high-quality blends.

Roasting and grinding involve closely monitored processes with the use of cutting-edge technologies: roasting is monitored by complex software that keeps the roasting curve of the different types of coffee under constant observation to achieve even and optimal roasting of the beans. Grinding, instead, is carefully monitored to achieve coffee powdering of the right size, suitable for obtaining coffee that is neither too watery nor too strong.

Encapsulation involves inserting five grams of Attibassi coffee blend, which is highly selected, with the aid of inert gases, to maintain quality and ensure durability.


The blends currently sold by Attibassi in the plastic capsules are:

1) INTENSO, characterized by the high percentage of Robusta, Attibassi Intenso is a coffee with a full body and strong aroma. Creamy and soft on the palate, with a hint of chocolate taste.  Available in a box of 10 loose capsules.

2) CLASSICO, a blend of fine Arabica and Robusta beans, the combination of which creates a truly Italian espresso with harmonious taste. It is available in a box of 10 loose capsules.

3) ARABICA, a fine blend of selected 100% Arabica beans, with fruity and floral notes. Delicate and aromatic, it is ideal for velvery coffee lovers.  The special roasting procedure enhances its mild taste and aroma. “Arabica” compatible capsules are available in a box of 10 loose capsules.

4) GRAN DECA, a coffee made for those who renounce caffeine but not quality coffee. This blend – thanks to its careful selection of the varieties employed – contains all the aroma and flavour of classic espresso coffee.


The blends currently sold by Attibassi in the aluminium capsules are:

1) CLASSICO: a coffee that is characterized by the traditional Attibassi blend, which recalls the classic Italian espresso: Attibassi Classico aluminium Nespresso compatible capsules can be enjoyed at any time of the day, the ideal coffee break for classic coffee lovers.

2) FORTE: strong personality, as the Italian name suggests (Forte means Strong), is the main characteristic of this blend, which combines selected Robusta beans with a small percentage of Arabica variety: the result is a strong and creamy aroma.

3) COLOMBIA: born from a careful selection of 100% Arabica beans, the Colombia blend gives you its sweet and aromatic aroma at any time of the day, thanks to its practical format of aluminium capsules.

4) ECCELSO: in a perfect balance between selected 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta blends, Attibassi Eccelso is dedicated to coffee lovers, to those who want to find a harmonious and creamy aroma in their cup.



*Nespresso® is a registered trademark owned by a third party that has no connection with Attibassi. This information is provided solely and exclusively to identify machines that can use Attibassi capsules.