Ground Coffee

After a delicate harvesting stage, washing stage and transport to Italy, the raw green coffee beans are then ready for processing. Coffee processing is a critical stage, since it is when the blends obtained acquire the unmistakable aroma of Attibassi Espresso Italiano coffee. In fact, after entering the factory, green coffee beans are selected and filtered by expert selectors and tasters before undergoing the roasting process.

This phase requires a lot of attention and patience, but guarantees a truly extraordinary result. Coffee wholesalers, or even those who sell coffee to end consumers, know very well that many different coffee blends are available, and that each blend, if properly conceived, roasted and mixed, will have unique and often unmistakable aromas. It is therefore unthinkable to talk about ground coffee without first explaining some of the important practices that are carried out when coffee is still only a greenish and not very tempting berry that looks completely different to what we are used to seeing.

Coffee bean processing in preparation for grinding

Before being ground, coffee beans must go through two important processes:

  1. The analysis by expert tasters, carried out according to a well-established protocol and in light of their expertise, who can decide which berries are to be discarded and which are to remain in the production line.
  2. The blending and roasting stage, in which coffee beans are roasted and turn into the dark brown colour we associate with coffee.

From these two stages, we can already understand that this is a process in which human know-how and expertise has not been replaced by machines at all; on the contrary, Attibassi, in order to maintain the selection of premium blends that makes it stand out, cannot possibly give up the “human component” of its production process.

It is a very simple concept, but it is essential to keep it in mind: every single coffee bean is for us. For us who work it, for us who sell it, for us who consume it. Would a robot be able to look past the statistics when analysing size and shape and grasp the aromatic and fragrant notes of real Arabica coffee or excellent Robusta coffee?

No, or not at the moment anyway, and this is why it is so important for Attibassi’s premium blends to be selected by expert human tasters, and not by machines.

If this were not the case, we would not be able to offer quality blends made especially for those who wish to open a café franchise with Attibassi, or to offer top-quality products to all consumers who choose to buy our coffee bean blends, ground coffee blends, ESE coffee pods, or even our compatible capsules.

Once tasting and discarding is completed, the coffee beans are ready for actual roasting. In fact, once blended, they must be processed and roasted together, since this ensures that the pre-selected, established blend is maintained and preserved.

Uniformity is the secret to achieving a correct and balanced blend. An enveloping blend that lets consumers experience the charm and attraction towards the distant lands where coffee is born.

By carefully analysing the roasting curves – which is carried out in an extremely accurate way thanks to the use of special machines and equipment – the coffee beans are roasted with care. They must not burn, but dried and toasted. Thanks to continuous temperature monitoring and to systems that prevent the beans from touching the metal during the roasting phase, which would compromise the result by burning some parts of the berry, the processing of Attibassi coffee is completed. It is now ready to be turned into an excellent and fine blend of ground coffee.

Ground coffee

Ground coffee is certainly a very convenient solution so that you don’t have to grind coffee beans at home. All you need to do is open the bag, put the right amount of coffee in the moka pot or in the filter of your home espresso machine, and wait for water and powder to do their magic.

Anyone who regularly drinks a cup of coffee in this way is familiar with the enveloping scent that is given off by the powder as soon as you open the bag. This is perhaps what drives coffee lovers to consume this beverage in the comfort of their own home, rather than at the bar. The moment in which your olfactory sense is captivated by its aroma is worth all the wait and effort needed to make coffee on your own.

However, this is also the most delicate aspect. Those who know coffee well will know that it is particularly sensitive to the humidity and climate typical of our regions. If a bag is left open and put aside, its contents will inevitably lose all their aromas and fragrances, leaving the lifeless remains of insipid powders in the packaging.

This is why the Attibassi coffee packs, which can be purchased from all authorised shops and coffee retailers, have balanced and correct sizes. The packaging available is of 250 grams, so that the balance between convenience and maintaining the organoleptic properties of the powder is guaranteed.

There will certainly be no need for a daily supply but, if well preserved, your Attibassi coffee will always maintain its taste and aroma. Ground coffee was then divided between blends for moka pots, with a larger particle size, and blends for espresso machines, which were processed in such a way as to be finer and thinner, in order to ensure the best results with a coffee machine extraction.

The ground coffee available cover different tastes in terms of flavour and packaging. These three products have in common the extreme care and attention with which they are made. Being a premium brand also means paying close attention to the wrapping and packaging of Attibassi blends, since only in this way will they maintain and preserve their unmistakable taste over time. These solutions are available for both consumers and those who wish to become Attibassi coffee distributors.

Espresso Italiano Colombia metal tin

The Attibassi Colombia Ground Coffee is thought for those who love to dedicate themselves to the ritual of coffee preparation following the more traditional way: using an already grounded coffee, which allows you to grasp all the aromas that this blend releases at the moment of its introduction in the moka pot. The blend is the result of a careful selection of 100% Arabica beans that give an exclusive aromatic profile. The Attibassi Colombia Ground Coffee is stored in an aluminium tin, with seal and plastic lid, to ensure the product is preserved in the best possible way.

Espresso Italiano Miscela 1918

The exclusive Attibassi Miscela 1918 represents the ancient tradition of coffee in a perfect fusion of Arabica and Robusta blends of the best quality. Wrapped in the traditional package for ground coffee, it is a wise combination capable of satisfying the most demanding palates, for a coffee break with strong personality.

Espresso Italiano Miscela 1918 Filter Coffee

The Attibassi Miscela 1918 Filter Coffee gives life to a balanced coffee, which meets the tastes of consumers of this type of product. Characterized by an intense aroma, a fine acidity and a light body, it is the best solution for the extraction of a typical American filter coffee. The American coffee in Italy is often described as “watered coffee”, or to be a bad imitation of espresso. In reality, you just need to find the right blend, a pulverization that does not penalize, but rather enhances the characteristics of this product. Thanks to the 1918 Filter Coffee Blend by Attibassi, a sophisticated blend which aims for excellence, you will try an American coffee that has nothing to envy to its friend espresso.