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Anyone who wants to open a franchise coffee shop knows that coffee blends are vital to ensure the success of a business. In fact, without a good espresso, it is impossible to even think of keeping a café or coffee shop alive and thriving. Nevertheless, professionals in the coffee industry also know that without accessories it is impossible to give an establishment the characteristic and unique atmosphere that is coveted and sought after, which is only present when everything is in perfect harmony.

This means not only having the right coffee but also the right cup, glass or mug to taste a real espresso or an excellent cappuccino. For this reason, Attibassi offers baristas a series of useful tools for their daily work, as well as the essential accessories to furnish their premises with the unmistakable Attibassi style.

These materials are available for anyone who intends to become an Attibassi coffee retailer, so that those who professionally deal with the distribution of premium blends can also supply the premises with all the accessories that can turn any establishment into a real café.

Below are all the accessories designed by Attibassi, accompanied by images. They range from coffee cups to cute sugar sachet containers, but also polo shirts, signage and pillow linings, so you can always have the right gadget to best express the character of your establishment.

White cups and saucers

Attibassi offers its professional customers a set of ceramic coffee cups featuring the Attibassi logo. The ceramics used is designed to respect the coffee temperature in the best way, so that the temperature is always right. They are available, both in the traditional or in the conic shape, in various sizes for:

Espresso – Cappuccino – Caffelatte

White Coffee Cup AttibassiCappuccino Cup AttibassiHigh cappuccino cup Attibassi

Black cups and saucers

Attibassi also supplies a smart series of black ceramic coffee cups. Also in this case, the ceramics used is specifically designed to maintaining the coffee temperature.

The series is available in sizes for:

Espresso – Cappuccino – Caffelatte

Black ceramic coffee cup Attibassi

Transparent cups and saucers

As an alternative to the white or black versions, an original series of coffee cups in transparent glass is also available. The design of some establishments, especially those that are more modern, could be better complemented by using transparent coffee cups rather than traditional ceramic ones. The sizes that can be purchased are:

Espresso – Cappuccino

Espresso Shot Glass Clear

A small glass to serve coffee in a chic way, or for those who like espresso served in a glass.

Specialty Coffee 14cl Glass

A glass that is perfect for serving special coffees to your customers. Its transparency will allow customers to observe the various layers that make up the beverage they are about to taste, making it mouthwatering just to look at.

Milk jug

A small milk jug, ideal for serving milk to customers who prefer it separately, or to be left on the bar counter so that it is available to those who want to add a drop of milk to their espresso.


Attibassi Mug

A novelty in the world of accessories is the mug for American coffee, decorated with the Attibassi logo.


Sugar bowl cup

A useful sugar bowl cup shaped like a coffee cup to make sugar sachets more visible in your establishment.

original Cup for sugar packets Attibassi

Sachets of sugar

Real coffee should be drunk bitter, but who are we to deprive of this pleasure all those who prefer to melt some sugar in their coffee?

The sachet of sugar with Attibassi logo on top contains 5g of product. Attibassi also offers branded sachets of sugar for those who prefer the taste of brown sugar.

Brown Sugar Packets Attibassi

Metal sugar holder

The Attibassi sugar sachet container is a fine accessory, but also useful and practical, to add a touch of character to your establishment with the style of the brand. The aroma of the real Italian espresso offered by Attibassi is even better in a café where the character and elegance of the brand are perfectly integrated into the environment.

Plastic cup

The plastic cup with the Attibassi logo is a useful alternative to the coffee cup, to be used during catering services when pouring coffee. Compared to ceramic cups, plastic cups can be served without fear of breakage or damage, and can be safely thrown into the bin once the espresso has been consumed.

Round bar tray

The large round Attibassi tray is perfect for table service and for quickly clearing the table at the end of the drink.

Paper under cup

To offer an even more elegant and refined service, you can serve the cup of coffee by inserting this decorative paper under cup between the saucer and the coffee cup. It is a truly stylish touch, perfect for the more traditional cafés that serve Attibassi blends to their customers.

Paper Coaster Attibassi

Napkin holder and napkins

Smart and practical, the Attibassi napkin holder is a useful tool to customise your establishment with the style of the brand. The aroma of Attibassi Espresso Italiano is even better if, in your café, customers can “breathe in” the elegance of the brand, and these are exactly the details that make a difference. In combination with the napkin holder, Attibassi also offers its customers a smart series of branded paper napkins.

Napkinscase Attibassi

Double-sided sign

The LED signage is useful for communicating indoors that your establishment serves Attibassi coffee, whereas if you need to communicate this outdoors, the ideal solution is an elegant and sophisticated double-sided signage that is very useful to embellish, decorate and point out that real Attibassi Italian espresso coffee is served in your coffee shop.

Banner Attibassi

Indoor LED signage

A luminous, elegant indoor LED signage to embellish your establishment, provide soft lighting, and inform customers that the best quality espresso is served at your premises.

Dimensions: 35 x 35 cm

Paintings for inside walls

Four wonderful Italian cities (Rome, Venice, Florence and Bologna) are the protagonists of the Attibassi decorative paintings, designed to bring the aroma of real espresso directly to your cafè.

Wall clock

The Attibassi wall clock is an original and alternative idea to furnish your establishment with Attibassi’s elegant style. Its black colour will add a sophisticated touch to your coffee shop.

Wall clock Attibassi


A furnishing item with a classic and traditional style, which also inspires an artisanal atmosphere. The Attibassi blackboard can be used to inform customers about anything you wish, such as pointing out the special coffees of the day or some unique delicacies; larger coffee shops can also list their menus and the dishes available.

Attibassi Blackboard


To decorate the interior of the room with references to the Attibassi brand, you can use the nice window and paper stickers, which allow you to decorate shop windows, walls or other surfaces.


Attibassi branded apron, a very useful accessory for every day working life in the café. Combined with the polo shirt, it creates a smart and functional outfit for your staff.

It is available in two versions: a long version and a shorter one to cover only the lower torso.

Attibassi Apron


To dress staff, barmen and baristas in a stylish and smart way, Attibassi offers a fine polo shirt. Its black colour and the embroidered logo will contribute to raising the standards of your establishment, making customers perceive that attention is paid also to the smallest details.

Attibassi T-Shirt

Attibassi cushions

To add a cute and exclusive touch to your furniture, cushion lining with the logo of the brand is also available, to be used on cushions to complement the look of armchairs or sofas.

Dimensions 50 x 50

Christmas bowl Attibassi

When Christmas approaches, you might find that it is a good idea to decorate the Christmas tree in your establishment with this cute Christmas bowl featuring the Attibassi logo. Alternatively, it is also an ideal gadget to be included in a set, or even as a gift for your most loyal customers in the holiday season.


The easy-to-use cards were created by Attibassi to reward and retain customers with a collection of points, with an espresso or a pack of coffee as a prize.